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  • Buy one or both series of DVDs
    (one free basic membership is included with your purchase. Make sure all your training partners get their own membership.)
  • If you want to teach the program, apply for a teaching license
  • Download the sparring logs
  • Schedule your training sessions
    (if you set specific days and times to train, you are more likely to follow through even on days when life “gets in the way”)
  • Start training
  • Log your rounds
  • Send in your video test

Why you need Silat For The Street

Silat For The Street blends the most brutally efficient Silat techniques with the training methods and tactics of elite-level MMA. The program is highly structured for fast skill development, and the drills are efficient, safe, and fun. You’ll learn how to defend yourself against larger, stronger, trained attackers, including those with an MMA background. If you are or want to become an instructor, you will have the benefit of an organized curriculum and teaching outline that takes the guesswork out of teaching others. An effective teaching system translates to more satisfied students and greater income.



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